Production in a traditional way with
up-to-date equipment

Mostaardfabriek Oud Huis Ferdinand Tierenteyn” is since 1818 a producer of fine and spicy mustards.

The range of products has been significantly enlarged since 2009: new mustard recipies were developed, the Ghentse Pickles were re-introduced and dressings and vinaigrettes were added.

Ferdinand Tierenteyn? Some key-words.
  • 2 centuries of mustard experience
  • Over 20 kinds of mustards, but also pickles and vinaigrettes
  • Belgian, family owned and independent
  • Small but focussed and well-organised team
  • Respect for authenticity but with modern equipment
  • Flexible in production and packaging, consequent in quality and service
  • Nice product range
  • Active in several market segments (retail, wholesalers, industry)
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We are producer of fine and spicy mustards
The Ferdinand Tierenteyn factory was founded in Ghent (Belgium) in 1818 and is still located nearby Ghent. Production is made in the traditional way but with modern mustard mills allowing to produce a high quality product that meets the strongest norms of food safety.

Nowadays our mustards are still produced according to the recipies of Ferdinand, founder of the house Ferdinand Tierenteyn. The flavour and taste of our mustards are determined by a precise selection and mixture of mustard seeds, without any addition of artificial flavourings. The quality of the raw materials is therefore extremely important. Using the experience from Ferdinand, a full range of new mustards was developed since 2009: more then 20 kinds of mustards are now in production!

In 2016 Tierenteyn re-introduced the Ghentse Pickles as well as some dressings and vinaigrettes: new in our product range, but based on ancient recipies.

In principle, products are only made on demand. Our stocks are relatively small: they only cover a short period and do serve as a service-tool to respond to smaller orders or emergency-orders. Our ‘production on demand’ combined with a ‘service-stock’ guarantees our clients a fresh product with an adequate service-flexibility. And all of this combined with a very short delivery period! However, it does not exclude that we can also handle large clients and large orders.

Our clientele is very diverse, from high-class top-restaurants over to specialised suppliers for hotel, restaurants and catering industry and quality supermarkets. Besides this, a large spectrum of companies within the food industry (mayonnaise and salad dressings, …) use our mustards. Our clientele is mainly located nearby Ghent, our home town, and in the province of East-Flanders, but our products have been sold for many years from the Belgian coast up to the eastern province of Limburg, from Flanders to Walloon, and more and more in the Netherlands.

The company, founded at the beginning of the 19th century, is still independent. It is not absorbed in a big concern and has opted for staying small and for artisanal production techniques.

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